Our Mission

Mother and infant Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

  There are far too many people that, through many different circumstances, are in need.  We understand that anyone can fall on hard times. Fortunately there are charitable organizations such as churches and other non-profits that exist to help fill this need. Major retailers are willing to get into the act as well as they often have unsold or returned valuable and potentially helpful items in their inventory.  Helping Hands to the community acts as the liaison between retailers (suppliers) that have the goods and your nonprofit that have the families and individuals that need them. Through our exclusive partnerships with these major retailers,  we are able to make helpful available items to you. 

Our partnerships



Through our various partnerships, we are able to recieve unsold and returned items from major retailers. The mnajority of what we recieve is virtually new. We are always adding new categories. 

Our warehouse

Helping Hands to the Community Warehouse


Our team of professionals and volunteers keep everything organized and sorted so that when you arrive to receive your merchandise, it will be a smooth and easy experience. 

Helping Hands




By joining us, you are helping to fulfill our mission of helping our city’s most in need. Helping Hands to the Community would be honored to have you as a member. Together, we can be that important step that can lead to many people on their way to a fulfilled life. 

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